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Are You Using a Commercial Company to Move This Shipment?

Are you using a commercial company to move your shipment? This article will walk you through the steps to choose the best mover, prepare an inventory, and obtain written estimates from different commercial moving companies. Then, you’ll be ready to hire a commercial mover. Read on to find out the number one solution to expect when hiring a commercial mover. The next time you move a shipment, prepare for the unexpected.

Terms and conditions of moving a shipment

Before you decide to use a commercial company to move a shipment, you should understand the Terms and Conditions of Use. A bill of lading is a legal contract between a mover and a customer that ensures that goods are picked up, transported, and received at the destination site. The driver will provide you with a copy of the bill of lading before loading your shipment. Read this document carefully and sign it as soon as you get it.

Choosing a commercial mover

When you choose a commercial moving company to move your shipment, you are hiring them to handle the process of packing and transporting your items. There are a few things to look for when choosing a commercial moving company. First, the company you hire should be licensed, insured, and updater certified. Secondly, be sure to check for references. You can contact the company’s past clients and see how effective they were.

Obtaining written estimates from your mover

Moving companies should provide you with written estimates before they start their work. The estimate must be based on a visual examination of your items and show the total charges for your move. Verbal rate quotations are not estimates and are not legally binding. It is important to get a written estimate before committing to the move. Read on to learn how to get one. Let’s discuss how to get one from your mover.

Preparing an inventory of your shipment

Regardless of whether you’re using a commercial moving company to move your shipment or a self-packing service, it’s still important to prepare an inventory of the shipment contents. Preparing an inventory of your shipment before the move is crucial for insurance purposes. Most moving companies will provide you with a general inventory of the items in the boxes they’ll be packing, but this will likely not be detailed enough to protect your valuable items in case someone robs the shipment.

Changing dates of pickup or delivery

When using a commercial moving company to move this shipment, you can request to change the date of pickup and delivery. You may be able to change the pickup or delivery date, provided that it doesn’t interfere with the mover’s equipment. You must be available to accept the shipment on the requested date, or the mover may store it at your expense. The mover must inform you of the change in writing.

Filing a claim for loss or damage

In the event of a damaged or lost shipment, you should first review the Bill of Lading for the terms and conditions outlined in your contract. The Bill of Lading outlines the liability and coverage offered by the moving company. The moving company has nine months after receiving the shipment to file a claim. You should submit the claim in writing to the company’s third-party insurance provider within this time. If you do not receive an acknowledgment of receipt within this time frame, you may not be eligible to file a claim.

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